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“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” online

None. Either you’re with it, or you’ll be hanging with people who just talk about being with it. Eagles fly alone. 

I used to hate my last name, because
it was tied to someone I did not respect.
I wanted my mother’s name instead, but it too
carried its own connotations. I never wanted
to take on a husband’s last name, surrendering
all of my identity. But now, my name is my own.
Is tied to my own words. I am unique.
Someone I have created, through the choices
I have made, and all the experiences I have
gone through. I have suffered and experienced
joy. It has taken me
a long time to grow into myself.

I am still growing. I still want
love, and am finally beginning to realize
I am the only person who can grant myself this.
This love. This forgiveness:
for being exactly who I am
exactly in this moment.

This is all I have.
This is all I need.
I surrender to the moment.
And the weight of my own thoughts
and the possibilities of my own being.

I surrender to myself.

" quoted from "Being Good To Myself" by Radha Kistler {} (via

It takes a strong person

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Giant, empty and deadly - Teahupo’o.
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job interviewer: why should we consider you?



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Chasing light rays on Friday night | by: { Julian Bialowas }